Rose for centuries considered a symbol of love. Gently folded petals beckon elegance Bud, and the scent literally drives you crazy. But love is different, that is why today we will tell you about the importance of color alleged colors and the correct quantities.

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That means a certain number of roses?

As we have said, for each event there are a certain number of roses in the bouquet. Of course, to comply with these requirements shall not necessarily, however, you show a good side if you stick to them. Here are the rules:

  • 1 - Refined aesthetics or shy love;
  • 2 - Usually given as a symbol of the upcoming engagement party or wedding;
  • 3 - Often this number means a Declaration of love;
  • 5 - This number carries a wish of health and fortune. It is clear that beloved is not given, this option is for friends and relatives;
  • 10 - This number is suitable for couples 'with experience'. It expresses admiration for the lady and full satisfaction of life together;
  • 11 - the most suitable option, for the love of the spouses;
  • 12 - this is the figure most often given away at various anniversary;
  • 16 - a gift for anniversary and birthday. And most of all for longtime friends.
  • 29 - This is a final feature before the wedding. It carries the promise of eternal love;
  • 36 - the Most versatile option, which means a wish for happiness;
  • 101 - Here we are getting to the most important! 101 rose carries the adoration and idolization of his partner.

It is important to note that giving an even number of flowers to the mourning - our tradition. In Europe, these rules are not, therefore, to give an even number for the holidays - in order.

101 the rose, which color is better?

It is also important to choose a specific color for the bouquet. For you we have collected basic combinations and their meaning!

  • 101 red rose. Absolute passion and desire of your partner. This bouquet will show the feelings burning deep in your chest;
  • 101 red and white rose. The perfect combination of tenderness and passion shows confidence in the reliability and durability of the relationship.
  • 101 white rose. The absolute tenderness and purity. This bouquet will show you the purity of their feelings.
  • 101 pink rose. Represents the ease of your relationship. But not in the sense of their transience, and the full emotional satisfaction of partners. So you literally say, 'With you I'm in heaven. I love the moments that we go hand in hand'.

6 reasons why you should order bouquet of 101 rose from us

Here we come to the moment when we should tell about our online store. We could talk about the advantages of cooperation with us, however, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of our major advantages.

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101 average rose the red and white colors
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101 red rose of medium height
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