In Ukraine mother's Day celebration falls on the warm, green, Sunny spring month is may. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month. As a gift, you can choose what you want, but without the traditional corsage you just can not do. Florists offering flowers for mother's Day buy in Kiev region inexpensively. You just need to decide on their look and design. About it – some useful tips.

What flowers are better to buy mom

There is no single answer. Because each woman has her own preferences and tastes. Better to find out from mom what she prefers buds. Maybe you know her tastes. On this focus.

If you will be buying flowers for mother's Day in the Kiev region on the order professional assistance in the preparation of the composition, you will have a florists. Tell them how old is your mother, what she enjoys who she is by zodiac sign. It takes into account the nature and type of activity.

Among the flowers that give moms on holiday, can be:

  • spring tulips – symbolize the awakening, the warmth of human relations, talk about your care. They go perfectly with other plants;
  • fragrant Lily – white pearls on a green petal, the wonderful smell, the fragrance of flowers arouse in the mother feelings of joy and peace;
  • eustoma delicate, light, weightless inflorescence very similar to small roses, but without thorns. In one bouquet, you can combine plants of different colors;
  • yellow-eyed daisies with white petals - like the mom who appreciates the purity and sincerity within the family. Dilute them with blue cornflowers;
  • chrysanthemum – a wish for happiness, comfort, love, mean longevity, and wisdom. One can make monoball or add to roses, tulips;
  • the lush hyacinths symbolize the joy and rebirth of all living things, carry luck and wealth, give you good mood;
  • lilac – add a sprig in her composition, so she began to play the notes of spring, youth, warm fluids;
  • luxurious peonies bloom in spring in gardens and flower beds, charming look in the women's bouquets, have delicate fragrance;
  • Lily – a symbol of happiness, tremulous and tender, talking about the mercy and spiritual purity. Their colors will delight the recipient;
  • Orchid – fashion, gorgeous colors, they are suitable for elegant women who love all the best and most beautiful;
  • playful irises Express the wisdom, friendship, respect, sincerity. To blue or purple irises perfect yellow eustoma;
  • Royal roses – they are always appropriate, it is better to give preference to Burgundy, yellow, red buds, avoid pure white and pink tones in the bouquet.

Daffodils, poppies, carnations that also bloom in the spring, will beautify any floral arrangement for mom. Make timely ordering flowers for mother's Day, congratulate their precious mothers!

Features floral arrangements

Choosing a gift to mom, pay attention to the color of the bouquet and its shape. It is also very important. For a young woman suitable buds pastel, peachy and bright colors, more older mother can give a rich, vivid. Before you order a bouquet for mother's Day, consider a photo of the finished songs on the website of the florist shop. This will help you to make a choice.

Bouquet decoration may be different:

  • in Kraft paper or transparent film, large or small bouquet of rounded shape;
  • in the style of boho in one composition, a combination of pastel and saturated colors, ethnic motifs and asymmetrical silhouettes;
  • hat boxes – attractive, cute, fashionable gift. In the box you can put any buds to taste moms, they keep their appearance;
  • heart-shaped – for the most native and dear to a woman's heart is a great way to design the bouquet;
  • in the woven vine basket - no matter what its size, the main thing is to give it from the heart. The flowers in the container is stored for a long time, do not have to look for a vase for their installation.

Giving bouquets on the feast of not only the native mother. Buy flowers for a gift can be a mother-in-law and mother-in-law, godmother, wife, mother, best friend, sister, who recently became a mother. Each composition will have a soy flavor and feature.

Delivery of bouquets for mother's Day in the Kiev region

This is a very convenient and useful service. The customer will not have to go for bouquet in the other end of the city, it will be brought directly to the specified address. Even if you are now far, to congratulate the mother will have no problems. Just go to the site flower shop, choose a song, add it to cart, fill in the application form and make a payment. A gift delivered to your mom in a timely manner.

To order flowers to mother's Day in the Kiev region at any time, the service is available around the clock. This will help you to make a pleasant surprise to a loved one. The gift can be supplemented greeting card, box of chocolates, a variety of Souvenirs.

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