Flowers for women: what to give the bouquet

The tradition of giving flowers beautiful half of humanity came from antiquity. Hypotheses about her birth a lot. According to one version, the first bouquet for women donated by Adam's companion eve. So he comforted his beloved, deprived of the heavenly life.

Without flowers can not do any celebration associated with female names. Occasion to order a bouquet for women are birthdays and anniversaries, presentations and professional events. The flowers are presented to mothers and grandmothers, friends and loved ones, neighbors, sokursnitsa, colleagues at work. It is estimated that on average each man buys 10-15 bunches a year.

How to choose a female bouquet: tips florists

Attempts to create a gift compositions themselves often lead to failure. Many men who had to use: a bouquet appreciated its advantage. Because girls and women can forgive a lot, but if the floral arrangement will resemble a broom, even expensive, reproaches will not get off.

None of the florist will not proceed to the formation of the bouquet, not knowing:

  • age future mistress;
  • what plants it prefers;
  • what colors lady or girl like, and what is considered bad form.

About the intricacies of making flower arrangements in passing, it is better not to speak. It is a science, which comprehend the knowledge and years of hard work. So not worth the risk. Service flowers for women in Kyiv region on ordering is available at our website. Experienced experts will do everything themselves. They not only create a chic floral arrangement on the individual order taking into account wishes but will deliver to the specified address on time.

Bouquet for girls: nuances you need to know about

Flower ethics, as well as the East, a delicate matter. By the way, there was invented the language of flowers, so that selection of plants in the compositions, composed by professionals, not random.

Lilies symbolize purity, carnations passions, cornflowers colorful verses talk about soft, chamomile – about romance. Bouquet for girls is made up of daisies, will be evidence of my sincere feelings and serious intentions of the giver.

If a man doesn't decide to offer the beloved the hand and heart, come to the aid of florists. Delivery of bouquets for women in Kyiv region has made the happiness of hundreds of couples. A win-win option would be a bouquet of red roses. Like the song of a lover in the artist. But a million flowers to give not necessarily. On this account, too, has its own rules.

Acknowledge the feelings will be five aloe plants with thorns. If the composition consists of seven flowers – you can talk about the adoration companion. Well, nine roses mean a confession of love. Plants on its own particular language quietly whisper to the young lady: 'I am at your feet, love. Ready for anything'. Flowers for girls buy cheap can we.

Giving flowers to women

Times are changing human customs and habits. But the tradition of giving flowers is unchanged, passing from generation to generation. It is not surprising, because the bouquet of bright plants capable of miracles. In an instant he will make the woman happy, will melt the ice in her heart, kindle the flame of love, forced to change the temper justice with mercy.

It is important not to forget the sense of proportion, because every floral arrangement should fit the occasion. Take advantage of the offer to Order flowers for the woman, and then not have to think about the intricacies of selection of plants, choosing colors and packaging.

Large flower sets appropriate for large celebrations. For the 50th anniversary florists suggest handing the lady the song:

  • of chrysanthemums;
  • gladioli;
  • lilies;
  • stud.

The perfect gift is a bouquet of 51 roses. Often they are presented in a basket, because to keep the volume gift in the hands is difficult. The lady chief will be glad of the composition of gerberas. By the way, many women prefer plants in flower pots.

Colleague delighted to accept an armful of irises or Lisianthus. Spouse buddy 'melt' from the small bouquet in a beautiful setting. Most importantly, remember to bring women flowers.

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