Flowers have always attracted people's attention. Delicate and fragrant buds often became a true Muse to the Creator. This 'cult of flowers' thousands of years caused positive emotions in humans, especially in women, which bouquets were designed.

Now, however, do not have to buy a huge stack of colors in order to more likely to post a selfie with a bouquet, is enough to take them out!

Why take a bunch to rent?

For the most obvious answer to this question will list the main advantages of such order. Rest assured, this list will leave all doubts behind!

  • A huge bouquet worth decent money, and soon he just simply wither. If you need this waste of money? Of course, in such cases, helps rent!
  • When renting a bouquet you can choose the model more, because the cost is much lower of the purchase!
  • Flowers for hire - a great option to create a photoshoot! Flowers will not be just thrown out!
  • Also renting the bouquet will be beautifully packaged!

Besides, to order a bouquet for selfie - very cheap and easy!

What kind of bouquets it is best to take for a photoshoot?

Bouquet one hour must be carefully selected for your image, but there are universal options available! This includes:

  • A large bouquet of red roses. This choice will highlight the passion and the femininity of a woman. Red color will show that its owner is passionately in love with a boyfriend, and this in turn will cause the envy of your friends. Besides, selfie with these roses comes out amazing!
  • The white roses. If a girl wants to contribute to the image of tenderness and femininity, it is likely that you should choose the white color. Rose again is perfect!
  • Colored roses. Increasingly, customers are ordering a specific colour of flower buds. This is understandable, because everyone wants to stand out from the crowd!

Of course, there are other variations of bouquets for hirewhich can be booked in Kiev. However, they are not universal, and therefore were not mentioned. But you can always order suitable option!

Why a bouquet of flowers to rent will easily be the envy of friends?

It might seem like a simple bouquet of flowers can cause the envy of your friends? Very simple! Flowers is just a shell, behind which hides something that definitely will cause them to bite elbows. The fact that:

  • Beautiful and large bouquet of flowers hinting at the existence of a wealthy young man. And what lady does not dream about this? Photos with the same 'gift' instantly raise the owner in the list of independent women.
  • Pictures with real flowers are simply beautiful! They are just emanates tenderness, warmth, and fragrance! Believe me, strange beauty of the girl I envy the most!
  • The bouquet also emphasizes the positive qualities that in whose hands it is in. It is known that red lipstick great for red roses, and pale pink to white. Then again work the effect of envy of others ' beauty. Friend will be jealous for sure!

What types of selfies is perfectly suitable for bouquets?

Of course, not every picture will be suitable for the correct transmission of the splendor colors. You need to choose the appropriate perspective, background and, of course, choose the appropriate image. Here are a few rules a proper selfie with flowers:

  • Delivery of bouquets it is best to book a period of time, it is desirable that they were taken directly to the beginning of the photo shoot. So the flowers will remain fresh and will be more attractive to look in the frame;
  • Do not completely adapt to the colors of the bouquet. Just need to stand out! If the flowers are red, the contrasting dress will be just right! However, you can use a different tone of that color!
  • The bouquet must be kept closer to the camera, after all, so they will seem longer!

A successful photo shoot!

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