The unusual shape of the bouquet is now experiencing a real Renaissance. Customers gladly choose a box of flowers with delivery for a variety of reasons. Surprisingly, the basis for flower arrangements – elegant a cardboard hat. They give the bouquets an elegant finish. And it's impressive women of any age.

Where did the flowers in a hatbox?

Indeed, many buyers wonder why florists have borrowed the enhancement of women's clothes to create bouquets. But it all looks organic, like it was intended: the idea of florists chosen correctly. And the history of ideas starts from the time of French Queen Marie-Antoinette, which replaces high hair hats with luxurious decoration.

Modern bouquets in boxes borrowed finds the best fashion designers of the Versailles court. In the 70s of the 18th century appeared the famous hat-ships and multi-layered 'flower beds' on the head of the fashion favorites of the Royal retinue. Despite the quirkiness of the designs, they look easy and feminine.

And all because the imagination of decorators is incarnated with fresh buds of the rich Palace gardens. Soft petals is the best associated with the woman's beauty. And the round shape of the hat makes it just a background for the lovely owner. Changing era, fashion: hat boxes and one day become an element of style.

Task boxes with flowers - to keep the shape

Analogies and random, and no – it used to be that cardboard was much more colorful content. And since the XIX century, a new tradition in the hat boxes ladies kept love letters and notes. When hats went out of fashion, boxes in the women's Arsenal has remained. They were used for packing gifts and for decoration of elegant bouquets.

The aura of femininity, magic, beauty still accompanies such a floral gift. That's why ordering flowers in a hatbox in the Kiev region so popular. Modern technologies allow to extend the service life of the composition:

  • selected the most fresh and sturdy shoots;
  • take into account the compatibility of varieties with each other;
  • special sponge and watering system provides water.

The customer, buying boxes with real flowers cheap, gets a double benefit – an exclusive gift at an affordable cost. The price is governed by the use of a rich assortment of buds and ornamental plants. As a complement designers offer ribbon, beads, macaroons, candies.

Traditionally the hat box is round. But due to the difference in diameter and height, color and texture of the external material the buyer has an excellent selection. Many people prefer to buy flowers in a hatbox. Thanks to the efforts of the masters, the visual appeal of the bouquet is complemented by the use of:

  • no need to look for a suitable vase for the bulk composition;
  • you can do without replacing the water, and the flowers keep their freshness;
  • the shape of the bouquet is suitable for placement on different surfaces and in any place;
  • for the convenience of customers - hour delivery of flowers in boxes in the Kiev region.

Recommendations from florists to care for a bouquet in a box

Gorgeous roses and delicate buds of tulips, elegant orchids and eustoma, elegant hats, flowers and dozens of flowering varieties are used for compositions in boxes. They can be chosen strictly in the same range or vary depending on the customer's wishes. The shade of the cardboard usually choose neutral pastel, because the flower is the main.

Most often boxes with flowers in Kiev region are presented on birthdays dear and beloved women on the anniversary celebration or occasion, engagement, wedding. The finished shape of the bouquet is optimal for decorating the room, which will host banquets or corporate events. Of course, on a date to bear the box is not always convenient. But to meet the parents of the bride – quite creative. For your convenience and to save time, the service of flower delivery in Kiev region is produced around the clock.

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