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25 red roses in a package

If you want to make a simple and very nice gift, we offer bouquets of roses. In the preparation of the bouquet stems are placed in a spiral (diagonal) relative to each other, the Bud to the Bud at the same height, so the whole 'cap' of the bouquet formed a flat surface. The finished composition is placed in colorful package. The result is simple, neat, smooth bouquet, bright saturated natural colors alternate with each other (red and green), and at the same time blend harmoniously with the encircling them bright packaging a slightly different shade. These are the works our company offers in flowers delivery in Kiev region.

Red roses traditionally symbolize the strongest romantic feelings – passion, a burning desire, absolute spiritual closeness. It is considered that such bouquet is a direct Declaration of love. Therefore, all truly in love with men tend to buy red roses in the Kiev region inexpensively.

Strong dense buds right shape with delicate soft petals of its kind cause persistent Association with tenderness, coupled with a strong coveted desire. Order flowers with delivery available to all – both companies and individuals.

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