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Medium bouquet 'Daisies'

When the field of view appears a lover of wildflowers, life becomes unpredictable. Bouquets of daisies in the summer you can just pick, stopping the car on the way to the office.

But what to do in January, when to buy chamomile unrealistic? To argue with a woman? Even Vakula realized that it is easier to negotiate with the devil. No, if the woman shouted: 'Daisies', means they and no orchids, please! White flowers with small petals, all as expected.

Help out bouquets of flowers delivery in Kiev region. They will bring a composition of chrysanthemums. To distinguish them from the daisies will need a magnifying glass and a textbook of botany. But the owner of armfuls of chrysanthemums will be too busy to make a close examination. Summer flowers in the middle of winter! The young lady will be photographed with a bouquet and to brighten the giver happy smile.

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