Product Code: 21 красная и белая роза в упаковке
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21 red and white rose to a height of 60 cm in the package.

Any capital bustle, the lack of time and banal attention to loved ones. What to do if forgotten, a memorable date, at the employee's or sister's birthday? You can always order flowers with delivery. Soft and fragrance, the beauty and passion of nature, love and Majesty - all the roses. Kyiv region and its residents can always use our service. Guaranteed a justified price, assortment, accessories, magic songs on all occasions.

Lovers, leaders, caring family and friends help out bouquets of roses. Buy with delivery in Kiev region is the optimal method of saving time and effort. 21 red and pink roses will help to get out of an awkward situation to save the situation, to apologize or to impress. Well, if Your sweetheart or daughter 21 years old!

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